No Guilt – Fruit, Oat and Seed Bars

Now even healthier! These delicious moist bars are ONLY made with fruit, oats and 3 types of seeds, which have been allowed to soak in water, to start it's sprouting process, in line with latest nutritional thinking.


Each bar counts as half a portion of your ‘five a day’ and 1 bar contains 140 Kcal.  (100 g contains 268 Kcal.) Compared with other bars: Nakd Trek 100g contains 430 Kcal, Jordans fruisli bar 100g contains 378 Kcal


Basic Ingredients: Banana, Dried Dates, Rolled Oats, Pumpkin, Sunflower and Flax Seeds, Orange Zest and Juice, Lemon, Salt. Mixed fruit 51%, Oats 25.5%, Mixed seeds 11.5% and water 11.5%. Each bar contains approx. 3.2g protein.


Special nutritional requirements are not a problem, as all bars are made by hand in small batches. Nb. Price to be confirmed at time of order


Bars will keep for up to 2 weeks in the fridge and they freeze very well.

Choose from these flavours:


24 bars Cranberry/Apricot/Ginger

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Lime and Coconut

24 bars Lime/Coconut/Cranberries

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24 bars - Apple/Raisin/Cinnamon 

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70% Dark Chocolate

24 bars - 70% Dark Chocolate     A bit naughty…..

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Gluten Free

24 bars - You can order them gluten free with same taste combinations as above. Please indicate in notes section on order form, which flavour you would like.

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